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Non-Slip Pad

Non-Slip Pad Image

Our Non-Slip Pad is identical to the Premium Leather pad, except that it is covered in a special non-slip material to help it stay in place as you ride. All Ride-Light saddle pads provide a dynamic support system using a unique, 100% natural foam coupled with non-slip surfaces that enhance the comfort and stability of both horse and rider. With the finest handmade craftsmanship, each pad is suitable for everyday use as well as the show ring. Ride-Light pads provide excellent breathability, dispersing heat more efficiently than any competing pad that we have tested. The dynamic cushioning of the Ride-Light pad works with your horse and compensates for your shifting weight, providing a more even pressure and reducing shocks to the back. Made in the USA. Patent Pending. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Please contact us for custom fit, colors and embroidery!

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